Warner Springs Resupply

We mailed ourselves our first mail drop at Warner Springs. This is about four days of food for both of us: 10 tortillas, two packs of homemade dehydrated refried beans, two days of homemade dehydrated dal, peanut butter, some dehydrated corn and spinach for mixing into dinners, 8 protein bars, 8 Honey Stinger gummies (Thanks Chuckles and Little Spoon!), 8 Clif bars, 4 Big Sur Bars (easily my favorite trail breakfast ever), another bunch of Honey Stinger waffle cookies, Mio drink mix, Half Mile maps, extra zip locks, random instant mashed potatoes, banana chips (eaten before we even packed), and a birthday card from my Aunt Sue!

Published on May 20, 2017

Taken with a FUJIFILM X100F

23 mm focal length 1/340″ at f/10 ISO 200