Near Kearsage Pass, CA.

PCT Advice, generally

The PCT in 2017 remains my most formative hiking experience. Learning about water management in the desert, learning about snow work in the Sierras, learning to flip (god, so many flips) — it was all beautiful and hellish and exhausting and liberating, all at once.

The record high snow in the Sierras scarred me deeply in ways from which I still haven’t recovered. Few risks have truly scared me since, and I find myself strangely attracted to the things that do.

To our AT friends heading out on the PCT, make sure you pay attention to Postholer and Inciweb! The weather on the PCT is a lot more volatile. Multiple people died our year. It does happen and there were several moments when I thought I’d be the next. I know a little summit fever is necessary to hit your goals, but too much summit fever can be fatal. Take care and, if you ever don’t know what to do, picture my maternal face hovering nearby, telling you to drink water, eat a snack, take the safe route, and live to hike another day. <3 — K





Published on March 1, 2019

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