Tarp Camping

Tarp Camping

Our primary shelter for the CT was a secondhand Zpacks flat tarp made out of Dynema Cuben Fiber. We wanted something light (it’s only 9.5oz!) and with a lot of room, and it delivered on that front. Even when we had bad storms, the sheer size (8.5 x 10 feet) of it meant we stayed pretty dry underneath. Most of the time we’d pitch it in an A frame like this, which can offer great views. We learned a lot using the tarp, and developed some useful site selection and knot skills.

The downside is setting it up can be tedious. At the end of a twelve hours of hiking, having to think about site selection and configuration every day is a drag. It slept relatively cold too - even though we’d stay mostly dry, changing wind direction and the open ends meant it will never be in warm in there as in an enclosed shelter.

Published on September 7, 2016

Taken with a FUJIFILM X100T

23 mm focal length 1/140″ at f/2 ISO 400